Invited To A Paint Party

What do I do?

Visit our photo galleries and choose from ANY "wood" decor to paint @ the party!  Solid shapes are $35 and monograms are $45 to paint @ party.

Turn in your order, INCLUDING THE CODE AND CUTOUT NAME, to your hostess by the deadline date she gave you in your invitation.  

Note:  Paint parties usually last 3+ hours.  IF you are looking for something easier and don't have much time, be sure to choose something with fewer colors/patterns.  Some painters will choose our monograms as a fast decor, but keep in mind there are alot of sides to paint.


$35 SOLID SHAPE DECOR can be paid for at the paint party when you arrive with cash/debit/credit.  (NOTE: tax will be added to debit/credit purchases)

$45 MONOGRAM must be purchased and paid for here on the website NO LATER than the deadline so we can get your custom cutout ready in time for the party.  MAKE SURE to comment in purchase the date/hostess name for your party so we bring your monogram to the correct party.

I want to purchase metal decor or a pre-painted decor?

You are welcome to purchase metal decor or decor that is pre-painted.  SHOP our website and PURCHASE the decor you would like.  There will be a choice at "the end" of your purchase to choose PAINT PARTY DELIVERY.  PLEASE comment at time of purchase for us to bring it to the paint party and let your hostess know so she can put it on her order.  Your purchase will go towards the hostess rewards.  Note: Our metal decor can NOT be painted, it comes already in a solid color.

What if "I'M NOT CRAFTY"?

You do NOT have to be a crafty person to paint at our parties!  We make it easy and fun!  IF this is your first time painting be selective with your decor choice and choose something with fewer colors to make it easier for you.  We help you and teach you the painting techniques.  You will be ready to come back and paint again!


EVERYTHING you will need to complete your finished decor to take home and hang on your door!  We bring aprons, paint brushes, stencils for all of the patterns you see on the website, over 100 paint colors, ribbons to design your own bow, and help to learn all of the techniques!  We don't let you leave until you are happy with your finished product!

Feeling creative?

Fun!  You are welcome to paint your decor any colors/designs you would like!  Bring a picture or idea with you. 

You can order additional blank cutouts for $12.50 to take home and paint.  Please give those orders to your hostess with your order.