Dacula High School Student Council Fundraiser

Thank You

Thank you for participating in the DHS Student Council Fundraiser.  Please be sure to read ALL tips listed here on how to order so DHS receives their portion of your purchase!  

What Can I Order?

You can order ANY product on our website and $5 off EACH ITEM you purchase will go to Dacula High School's Student Council.  Our decor make great Christmas, Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming, and Birthday gifts!  You can purchase painted wood, metal acm, or steel decor for the fundraiser.




Every product has an option for "CUSTOMIZATION" - this is where you MUST leave the DHS Student's Name & GRADE who will get credit for your purchase & COMMENT "DHS FUNDRAISER"!!!

"ex. Madison Hughes-11th-DHS FUNDRAISER"

THIS IS IMPORTANT so DHS gets their portion of your purchase!!!

Please double check that you leave your CELLPHONE # & CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS with your order!!!

How Will I Receive My Order?

BE SURE to put the DHS Student Name & GRADE in "CUSTOMIZATION" on your decor so they get credit and DHS gets their Fundraiser money

At the end of your purchase you will have 2 options for delivery.

1) USPS Shipping - You will receive an email with the USPS tracking number when it ships.

2) Free LOCAL Pickup - You have 2 choices here:

a) DACULA HIGH SCHOOL DELIVERY - DHS will pick up orders from us Oct. 10, Nov. 2, and Nov. 16.  If your order is ready it will be picked up and given to the student you list in "CUSTOMIZATION" on your decor purchased!  IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE A STUDENT NAME/GRADE DHS will NOT get credit for your purchase! Be sure to see turnaround times for decor.  

b) If your order says DHS Fundraiser it will AUTOMATICALLY go to the school for delivery UNLESS YOU SPECIFY in CUSTOMIZATION on decor that you want to pickup early at our location in Oakwood, GA.  If you choose pickup at our location you will receive a text message with address when ready to pickup.

When Will I Receive My Decor?

Click HERE to see our turnaround schedule for wood/metal acm/steel decor.  

DHS pickup schedule to bring to students:

October 19

November 2

November 16.

If your order is placed in time to be ready by these dates they will be picked up and delivered to the student/grade on your "CUSTOMIZATION" in your order.


  • Material ready - # of days after order is placed
  • Wood blank cutouts - 3-5 days
  • Painted wood decor - 3-4 WEEKS
  • Metal ACM decor - 2-3 days
  •  Steel metal decor - 4-5 days 

How Long Will The Fundraiser Last?

DHS Student Council Fundraiser

Starts October 8

Last Day To Order is November 9